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Colorfast by Sashco® is a base coat applied to your logs prior to staining. It can be used inside or outside. Colorfast™ evens out the porosity of the wood, creating a surface that will receive stain uniformly. Using Colorfast™ eliminates the dark and light spots that can occur when stain is absorbed unevenly.

Colorfast™ works by strengthening the glue (or lignin) that binds wood cells together. When stain absorbs evenly the result is a more appealing and uniform color. It will also protect against UV damage, which can yellow and darken the wood over time.

Because Colorfast™ is filling the wood cells, your home will use less stain. It also greatly reduces the need to back-brush. Log ends at outside corners will especially benefit as end grains typically absorb much more stain than side surfaces.

As with any stain job, surface preparation is very important. Logs should be clean, dry and stable. Any fuzz created during cleaning or media blasting should be sanded prior to coating. If Tim-bor is to be used for wood preserving, it should be applied before Colorfast.

As with most Sashco® products, air and wood surface temperatures should range between 40 degrees and 90 degrees.

It can be applied using an airless sprayer or a heavy brush. A heavy coat is recommended. The coating will appear white when during application, but it will become clear as it dries.

For exterior log home staining, Colorfast™ is compatible with Transformation Log & Timber, Transformation Siding & Trim and Capture stains. Inside the house, Colorfast works well under Symphony clear coat.

Because it dries in as quickly as two hours, staining can be done on the same day that the Colorfast™ is used. However, neither process should be done within 24 hours of rain as both products can wash off if not given enough time to set-up.

Overall, using Colorfast™ will make your stain job look better and last longer, all while using less stain product. What’s not to like about that?