Log Home Staining

With proper staining, your log home can look fantastic for years to come! We use log home care products designed to preserve and protect your home and keep it looking like new. Our crews are specially trained to apply these products.

Log Home Staining

Our maintenance service begins with a visit to your home. Here, we will inspect the condition of the log wall material to look for problem areas and to determine whether or not maintenance is required. We will also look for areas that may need repair.

After close examination, we will discuss with you what needs to be done, what products should be used and who will apply these products. If stain is required, our most popular option is Sashco Log & Timber Stain. If caulking is needed, we most often use Sashco Log Builder Caulk.



Our Log Home Maintenance Services Include:

  • Cleaning and restoring logs
  • Media Blasting
    Log Home Caulking
  • Applying wood preservatives
  • Applying stains and finishes
  • Caulking and chinking

 Visit who should stain your log home to learn more.