Log Home Caulking & Chinking

When considering what type of caulk to use on your log home, Sashco offers three excellent products.

For gaps less than 2" wide, consider Log Builder Caulk or Conceal Caulk. Without questions, these are two of the best caulks for log homes. Log Builder will provide a smooth caulk with a cleaner look. Conceal will provide a textured caulk to match the roughness of wood.

For gaps of 2" or wider, Log Jam Chinking is the choice. Log Jam also provides a rustic textured look. 

Unless the crack to be filled is minor, backer rod should be used to create a bond break. This will increase the elasticity of the caulking or chinking, allowing it to respond better to the natural movement of the logs. Caulking for log cabins becomes much easier with the right products.