Outlast Q8 Log Oil

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Q8 Log Oil by Outlast is both a log home water repellent and wood preservative. As an oil-based product it penetrates deeply into the wood while providing excellent protection beyond the log surfaces.

Q8 Log Oil can be applied with a pump-up garden sprayer as a single coat application. A brush or roller can also be used.

Treatment is suggested every 2-4 years on vertical surfaces and yearly on horizontal surfaces such as decks and windowsills. It is guaranteed to never chip, crack or peel.

As a log home wood preservative, Q8 is effective against rot, mold, termites and powder post beetles. Freeze/thaw stable, it will last many years in the container in heated or unheated storage.

Q8 Log Oil by Outlast is available in six earth-toned colors. Like many wood treatments, Q8 should be applied to the point of refusal. Once applied, the wood will darken initially. However, as the product cures it will lighten to the color selected. Once again, two coats are not necessary.

Because it must penetrate to be effective, surface preparation is important. Wood should be clean, dry and free of any loose debris. Be sure to cover trees, shrubs and grass in the work area to avoid damage to nearby vegetation.

Clean-up can be done with soap and water at the time of application. Once cured, paint thinner or mineral spirits can be used for clean-up.

Regarding coverage, one gallon of Q8 Log Oil will cover approximately 150 – 300 sq. ft. depending on the surface condition of the wood. Ideal temperatures are above 50 degrees for best penetration.