Cobra Rods (12 - 3/4" x 3")

Cobra Rods (12 - 3/4" x 3")

  • $49.95

Cobra Rods deliver wood preservative to logs that need it most. Drill and install Cobra Rods into log posts and log walls that are exposed to high moisture and possible decay. Logs near ground level and logs subjected to water spashback can be especially vulnerable.

Cobra Rods can also be used in logs that have begun to decay to help arrest the process.

Cobra Rods use the moisture held within the log to gradually release boron and copper. These benign chemicals diffuse into the wood and provide highly effective and environmentally friendly wood preserving.

Our Cobra Rods come 3/4" x 3" and should be used near the bottom of any exterior log or timber post, one per post. In wall logs, placement should be roughly 12" apart.