Transformation Siding & Trim Stain

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Transformation Siding & Trim by Sashco uses a unique oil-in-water hybrid formula. It provides the protection and penetration of an oil product with the easy, friendly clean-up of water. The semi-transparent finish allows the wood grain of the logs to shine through.

It can be used on wood sided homes, decks, fences and wood interiors. Unlike Transformation Log & Timber, the finish will be matte instead of glossy. Tools and equipment can be rinsed with water if cleaned immediately. Otherwise, mineral spirits will be needed.   

Transformation Siding & Trim uses a “no peel” formula. With proper application, it should last 3-4 years between applications. When reapplying, simply power wash the home to eliminate surface contaminants such as dirt and pollen. If there is mildew present, use Sashco CPR to clean. If the surface becomes felted during cleaning, use an Osborn Brush to take down the fuzz.

Transformation Siding & Trim is available in eleven, earth-toned colors including Natural, Red Tone, Brown Tone, Honey, and Woodtone Cedar.

For proper stain penetration and drying, wood surfaces should be between 40-degrees and 90-degrees during application. Expected coverage is 150 – 250 square feet per gallon for the first coat. Maintenance coats should cover 250 - 350 square feet per gallon.