Transformation Log & Timber Stain

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Transformation Log & Timber Stain by Sashco gives your log home a lush, semi-transparent finish which shows off the natural wood grain of your logs. It will provide great protection as the initial coating for any new log home. Furthermore, it is chemically compatible with many existing stains and coatings, making it a good choice for difficult log home restoration projects

Transformation Log and Timber Stain is ideal for log homes, timber frame homes, wood sided homes and wooden handrails. It is not recommended for interior wood surfaces, walking surfaces, furniture or cabinetry.

Transformation log home stain offers many color choices. "Natural" is popular for providing protection while slightly changing the color of the wood. "Redwood" gives a deeper reddish color.

Choose also from three color tones: red, gold and brown, each available in three color ranges: light, medium or dark. With each range, the color pigment is changed to create a lighter or darker shade. As a general rule, the darker range (more pigmented) provides longer lasting protection.

Check out the recent report, Transformation Stain vs. The Competition, to see side by side durability test results. 

With Transformation Stain you get long-lasting protection, which means you re-coat less often. That saves money! If you are worried about compatibility, Log and Timber Stain will cover a wide range of existing stains.

Coverage will vary, but the usual range is 150 - 250 sq. ft. per gallon for the first coating and 300 - 500  sq. ft. per gallon for the second coating. Brushes and equipment can be cleaned with mineral spirits.

If you are from the New England area, save on costly delivery charges when you buy your Sashco Log & Timber Stain and pick-it-up at our retail location in Central Massachusetts.