Cascade Clear Top Coat

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Cascade Clear Coat works with Capture Log Stain to provide superior protection to you log home. Cascade is applied over the second coat and Capture to create a protective outer layer. Cascade is highly water repellent and mildew/algae resistant.

Cascade eliminates the need to fully re-stain your log home. As the home ages, Cascade is reapplied to insure the good condition of the stain underneath.  Reapplication should take place after the top coat has lost its sheen, usually every 2-4 years depending on climate and exposure. It is not intended for use with any product other than Capture.

Cascade is best applied 1-2 days after Capture has dried. This will insure proper adhesion between the two products. The log surface should be free of any dust or pollen. Ideal air and wood temperatures are between 40 degrees and 90 degrees.

Also, be sure that rain is not forecasted for at least two days after applying Cascade. Clean up with soap and water. Both semi-gloss and matte are available.

With Cascade Clear Coat, Capture Stain will be protected from UV damage and maintain a consistent color