Conceal Textured Caulking

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Conceal Caulk by Sashco provides a textured finish to blend with the natural roughness of your log home.

Available in seven earth-tone colors, Conceal lets you closely blend the color of your log home caulking with the color of your log home stain. Like all Sashco caulks, it is highly elastic and provides exceptional adherence to wood in all weather conditions. It will move as your logs move without tearing or pulling away.

Conceal will set up fairly quickly and is resistant to rainfall from 1-4 hours after application. Surface temperatures should be between 40 degrees and 90 degrees for best adherence. Conceal will clean up easily in soap and water.

Conceal textured caulk is ideal for joints less than 2” wide. For wider joints, Log Jam chinking is a better choice. In most cases a bond breaker such as backer rod should be used to maintain a good seal as the wall logs expand and contract. For best performance, the width of the caulking bead should be roughly twice the depth of the caulking bead.

Caulking can be done before or after logs are stained. Long term adhesion will be best if the area to be caulked is clean of any dirt, dust or other surface contaminants. Tooling with a foam brush or a wetted finger is recommended to create a full seal.

If the logs have been previously stained, be sure that the caulking is compatible. Conceal will not adhere well to stains that are high in wax content or non-drying oils. It is best used along with Sashco Transformation and Capture stains.

Paintable or stainable, Conceal will virtually disappear between your log seams. It is also freeze-thaw stable and highly UV resistant.