NBS 30

NBS 30

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NBS 30 Stain Additive by Outlast is a highly effective insect repellant. When mixed with stain or paint, it works well to deter insects that crawl on, nest on and drill into wood.

Outlast calls it their “no bug stuff” because it repels most any crawling or flying nuisance insects, including: carpenter bees, carpenter ants, ladybugs and spiders. It is not meant to kill the insects, but instead to repel them from wood surfaces.

Outlast NBS 30 is made from all natural ingredients derived from EPA exempt plant oils. Thus it has a very low toxicity level. In other words NBS 30 is safe for pets, plants and people.

It can be mixed with both water based stains and oil based stains. And it can even be mixed with plain water for an even more benign but temporary treatment.  

NBS 30 is ideal for log homes, decks and fences, and other wood structures.