Symphony clear interior finish for log homes

Symphony Interior Clear Coat

  • $160.18
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Symphony Interior Clear Coat by Sashco will protect your logs, timbers and woodwork while providing a warm, natural glow. Easy to apply, Symphony cleans up in soap and water and contains no harsh chemicals.

Symphony is a highly elastic coating. It will resist the natural expansion and contraction of interior wood without cracking or peeling. It is also non-yellowing and highly scuff resistant.

Application should be done at room temperature after the roof is installed and wood surfaces are between 50 degrees and 90 degrees. The logs should have a maximum moisture content of 19% when measured by a moisture meter.

Best results are obtained by first sanding the wood and removing any dust. Brushing or spraying a minimum of two coats is recommended. Additional coats will create a higher sheen, but more than four coats is not recommended. Always sand between coating. Drying time is roughly two hours between coating and re-sanding. Clean-up can be done with soap and water.

Long term, log cleaning is easily done with a damp cloth. Spills can be simply wiped away leaving no discoloration to the wood. Symphony is available in both satin and gloss.