Log Builder Caulking

  • $107.88
  • Save $12

Log Builder Caulking by Sashco is the no-nonsense solution to your log home caulking needs. Smooth in texture, it will keep a tight seal which won’t pull away, peel or crack. It will perform well in both new log cabin home construction and log home restoration projects.

For new log home construction, Log Builder can be applied as a sealant between logs during the stacking process. It can also be used after construction, sealing vertical and horizontal seams. Log Builder is also ideal for caulking check cracks, oftentimes with backer rod applied to the crack first. Check cracks occur during the log drying and shrinking process.

With three, natural colors to choose from…Tan, Woodtone, Dark Brown…Log builder Caulk it will complement perfectly with whatever stain you have on your home.

Flexible and elastic, Log Builder Caulk can stretch up to 500% of its original size, stretching and compressing with the natural movement of your logs. You can be confident that it will keep out wind, water, bugs and dust for many years.

Log Builder is compatible with all Sashco stains. If you stain your log cabin first, it will adhere to the stained surfaces. And if you caulk first, you can stain over the caulking without issues. 

Freeze-thaw stable, it can be left in the truck on cold nights. However, you may choose to warm-it-up before trying to squeeze it out of the tube.