Capture Log Stain

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Capture Log Stain by Sashco provides long lasting protection to logs and timbers. Its unique formula delivers a highly elastic stain that will expand and contract as your logs move. Capture Log Stain will not crack or peel as it ages.

Available in eleven natural colors, there are plenty of beautiful finishes to choose from. As a semi-transparent stain, it will enhance, not hide, the natural grain of your logs.

As an exterior treatment, a protective coat of Cascade Clear Coat is required. Cascade works with Capture to provide superior water resistance and UV protection. Over time, when the coating loses its water repellency, simply clean the log surfaces and reapply the Cascade topcoat.

 If the color begins to fade in random areas due to UV exposure, you may apply a refresher coat of Capture, feathering it into the surrounding areas. As with the initial coating, follow up with a layer of Cascade for long term protection.

This same refresher coat should be used if you notice checks cracks developing in your logs. Checks are natural, seasoning cracks that form along the grain of the logs. Brush Capture into the unprotected areas and once again topcoat with Cascade.

As with any stain project, surface preparation is very important. Be sure that the log surface is clean and sound. Cleaning can be done by media blasting, power washing or sanding. Any mildew present should be cleaned using Sashco CPR Log Cleaner or a mild solution of household bleach. Never wait more than two weeks between cleaning and staining.

Always apply two coats of Capture Stain, waiting 4-12 hours between first and second coats. Capture can be sprayed or brushed. However, vigorous back brushing is recommended for insure complete coverage of all edges and corners.

As an interior treatment, Capture can be used under Symphony Interior Clear Coat to provide a finish with beautiful color and luster. We suggest at least two coats of Symphony with light sanding between coats.