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Kleenstart by Outlast will provide deep cleaning for the outer walls of your log home. A granular cleaner, Kleenstart releases oxygen as it dissolves for superior cleaning and brightening. It is also an effective cleaner for decks, fences, roofs, tents and outdoor furniture.

Good surface preparation is the key to any wood coating project. One quart of Kleenstart will mix with five gallons of water to clean up to 750 square feet of surface area. Unlike chlorine treatments, Kleenstart is gentle on wood fibers.

When mixed thoroughly, Kleenstart creates a water-thin solution which can easily be applied with a pump-up garden sprayer. No scrubbing is necessary. Simply wait 10 minutes after application and rinse with the light pressure of a garden hose or pressure washer to remove dirt, mildew and stains. 

Consider a yearly spring cleaning with Kleenstart to remove pollen, dirt or stains that have settled on your log home or other wood or vinyl product.  Kleenstart is gentle on wood fibers while biodegradable and non-toxic.