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Replacement Windows
"You were right: Now that I have two nice new windows I want them all replaced! You were great to work with and I look forward to working with you guys again." - Jennifer Clarke

Contact Us today to replace the windows and doors in your log home!

If you own an older log home, you may find that the original windows and doors are no longer as tight or as usable as they once were. Why not make an upgrade? Windows and doors installed today look and perform far better than those used years ago. And today's low maintenance millwork will greatly improve the value of your log home.

Changing windows and doors in a log home, however, is not the same as changing them in a conventional home. The connections used between logs and millwork are unique. In some cases, the new window will fit cleanly into existing framestock. Other times, the opening in the log wall will have to be enlarged or padded for the new window to fit correctly. Either way, we have the log building experience to create a tight fitting and professional looking job.

Removing Old Window
Here the window is removed from its frame. The frame is kept in place because the new window fits perfectly into the existing framed opening.
New Windows Installed
The new windows are installed and trimmed. No further cutting was necessary. The windows used are typically Andersen High Performance.
Double Window Installation
Here is one of several double windows that we installed into an older log home.
Windows Installed
This view shows all of the new windows installed, trimmed and ready to be stained.
New Kitchen Glider
New Picture Window
New Double Hungs